One of my newer hobbies is to listen to covers on Youtube.

I think it all started out with the Glee cover of “Stereo Hearts” (My gay friend once tried to explain the plot to me, but it got too complicated that I stuck with listening to the music)

I think part of the motivation came from the fact that Youtube for iPhone doesn’t play the original version.

After listening to about 10 covers, (some stopping after the first line), I think these two are the best:

Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine (Cover)

(If someone can tell me where to get that Kobe t shirt I’d really appreciate it)

I also found that I enjoy girl covers a lot more.

Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes (Ft. Adam Levine) – Alex G & Derek Ward Cover


Also came across this randomly and liked it

Flo Rida – Whistle (Female Cover)



Is it possible to create an accurate translating engine or program? It’s common that as internet users we translate phrases or sentences or even paragraphs and articles online and get a “Google Translate” result, one that has terms in wrong places but with our deciphering abilities we can make some sense out of. How difficult would it be to build an engine that can accurately translate what we want to say?

As human beings it seems that we are able to understand languages through experience. When someone puts words like “eat” “time” and a asking tone at the end, it’s not hard to guess that the person is asking something about “when are you/we eating?” or a variation of that phrase. Can we train a machine to do the same and be able to learn through trial and errors of others and even its own?

While some languages may have convoluted or arbitrary sentence structures, there are also languages that have set sentence structures, maybe starting from those languages and expanding upon its patterns? A lot of language we use daily does not follow the grammatical rules, which I think is another reason why learning a new language is difficult- you can study all the vocabulary and remember all the grammar rules, but you need time and exposure to develop that “native” feeling. I would like to think that there is something special about our human brains over computing power, so if even we have such difficulties creating relations and rules, how hard would it be for computers?

Thinking about it in terms of Google search engines. I worked in a lab previously that used data analysis tools such as principal component analysis, which I was told that Google’s search engine is based off of, in a very very general sense. (Principal Components Analysis (PCA) in Quantitative Finance “The most famous and powerful internet search engine, Google, uses PCA algorithm. It can be safely said that without PCA there would be no Google Search “) The basic idea is that analyzing a huge dataset and being able to identify the significant portions and extract those portions and create relations, in a search engine term, at least to my limited understanding, it would be understanding your web browsing habits of a population for example: while people may look at random sites, there would be a trend of people reading also checking on As I type out this post I was always thinking about Google Translate and how it could be more effective; it seems difficult since patterns in languages is not easily found in online usage: how often would users read or type a sentence in English and then repeat that in, say, Mandarin? I guess I’m trying to say that there’s not really a “habit” in terms of languages on the internet, which makes the “search engine method” hard to apply. Up to here, I also thought of the idea that search engines could focus on language learning websites, and extract information and maybe patterns to create rules. What kind of challenges would this pose? Limited samples?

This question comes from my interest in languages and some very shallow knowledge in programming and data mining. It may seem as if it would take a lot more than a couple lines code to do this task, but with advancing computing power and very large datasets, this id not an entirely impossible project. And in a world where talking and communicating across borders becomes more and more frequent, I think this is a project worth the time.

This post came about me randomly when I was thinking of learning Spanish and Korean. Using some basic ideas and some thoughts I typed up this post, so if you think that there are thoughts all over the place…they are. Any type of feedback is appreciated and I would like to be able to further expand on this post to more thought out…thoughts?

[Movie] Prometheus

Prometheus was amazing.

The scale, the vision, the world Ridley Scott created and the story and motivation were all breathtaking. It’s a movie that gives dreams and hopes about the future, and makes you think about the philosophical and scientific questions asked by the movie itself. (reading list at end of post)

Every character was well developed and extremely well portrayed, from Michael Fassbender’s calculating David, Charlize Theron’s corporate Meredith Vickers, to Noomi Rapace wow-she-is-a-beast Elizabeth Shaw.

There were some plot parts (/holes?) that wasn’t too logical, but everything else made up for it.

What’s really cool is that they actually built sets of it (as can be seen in the making-of video below)
(From IMDB Trivia page)

One thing that may be important is that Prometheus is in the same universe as Alien, but it is an original film itself.

‘Making of Prometheus’ HBO Featurette

This is definitely a Blu-ray purchase when it comes out, I wish I watched it in 3D in theaters though.

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NBA 2012 Playoffs Los Angeles Lakers

So here’s the tree for this year’s playoffs:




But I will be posting about the Lakers because I like them.


Western Conference Semi-Finals, Game 5 May 21,2012
Los Angeles Lakers at Oklahoma City Thunder 90-106
La Lakers vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 5 Full Highlights Nba

Western Conference Semi-Finals, Game 4 May 19,2012
Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles Lakers 103-100
Lakers vs. Thunder Game 4 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 5.19.2012

Western Conference Semi-Finals, Game 3 May 18,2012
Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles Lakers 96-99
NBA Playoffs 2012: Oklahoma City Thunder Vs Los Angeles Lakers Highlights May 18, 2012 Game 3

Western Conference Semi-Finals, Game 2 May 16,2012
Los Angeles Lakers at Oklahoma City Thunder 75-77
NBA Playoffs 2012 | LA Lakers Vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 2 | 16th May 2012 | Game Recap

Western Conference Semi-Finals, Game 1 May 14,2012
Los Angeles Lakers at Oklahoma City Thunder 90-119
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Lakers Full Highlights Nba Playoffs 2012 Game 1

Western Conference Quarter-Finals, Game 7 May 12,2012
Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers 87-96
2012 NBA Playoffs First Round Game 7 Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets (Lakers Highlights)

Western COnference Quarter-Finals, Game 6 May 10,2012
Los Angeles Lakers at Denver Nuggets 96-113
NBA Playoffs 2012 | LA Lakers Vs Denver Nuggets – Game 6 | 10th May 2012 | Game Recap

Western Conference Quarter-Finals, Game 5 May 8,2012
Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers 102-99
La Lakers Vs Denver Nuggets Game 5 Nba Playoffs 2012 Full Highlights

Western Conference Quarter-Finals, Game 4 May 6,2012:
Los Angeles Lakers at Denver Nuggets 92-88
Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets – May 6 2012 Playoffs Game 4

Western Conference Quarter-Finals, Game 3 May 4,2012:
Los Angeles Lakers at Denver Nuggets 84-99
2012 NBA Playoffs Game 3 Los Angeles Lakers at Denver Nuggets 5-4-2012 (Lakers Highlights)

Western Conference Quarter-Finals, Game 2 May 1,2012:
Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers 100-104
NBA Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Lakers Game 2 2012 Playoffs Highlights

Western Conference Quarter-Finals, Game 1 April 29, 2012:
Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers 88-103
2012 NBA Playoffs Game 1 Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets 4-29-2012 (Lakers Highlights)

[Music] Songs I have been listening to

SNSD [Girl’s Generation] – Sunflower

I wish you love – Rachael Yamagata

(Thank you Jessica!)


Drake- Little Bit

(Thank you Jon!)

Haru Haru by Big Bang Lyrics

Dropbox: up to 5GB extra space

Dropbox is giving up to 5GB extra space for using their photo importer beta (

Basically it’s a new feature that automatically imports and uploads your photos/videos from a smartphone or SD card. For every 500MB of media imported and uploaded, Dropbox gives an extra 500MB of space.

What I did was make sure I have 1GB of free space on my iPhone, leave it on to record about 8 minutes of video and connect it to my laptop. The photo importer then does the work and uploads my video and gives me my free space. Repeat 5 times to get 5GB space.

Download links:
Mac OS X
Linux x86_64
Linux x86

Jeremy Lin

Will be posting highlight videos as they come out (other pictures at end of post)

3/4/2012 NYK at BOS
14 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists

The Jeremy Lin show vs Boston Celtics [3.4.2012] Complete Game Highlights – 14 pts, 5 ast


2/29/2012 NYK vs CLE
19 points, 5 rebounds, 13 assists

[HD] Jeremy Lin – Knicks vs Cavs – FULL and Complete Highlights 2.29.2012 [Taiwanese TV]


2/23/2012 NYK at MIA
8 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists

The Jeremy Lin vs Miami Heat 2.23.2012- YouTube.flv – YouTube.flv


2/22/2012 NYK vs ATL
17 points, 2 rebounds, 9 assists

Jeremy Lin Highlights vs Hawks || 2.22.2012 || HD


2/20/2012 NYK vs NJN
21 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists
-Carmelo Anthony is back

Jeremy Lin Highlights 21 Points vs New Jersey Nets | 2.20.2012 | Gets Fouled Out


2/19/2012 NYK vs DAL
28 points, 4 rebound, 14 assists
-Career high assists
-Stopped Mavericks’ winning streak

[HD] Jeremy Lin – Knicks vs Mavs FULL HIGHLIGHTS – 28 points, 14 assists, 5 steals [2/19/2012]


2/17/2012 NYK vs NOR
26 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists

The Jeremy Lin Show vs New Orleans Hornets | 2.17.2012 | HD |


2/15/2012 NYK vs SAC
10 points, 5 rebounds, 13 assists
-Career high assists
-Lin played 26 minutes because Knicks were winning and D’Antoni pulled his starters in the 4th

Jeremy Lin Highlights vs Kings || 2.15.2012 || HD


2/14/2012 NYK at TOR
27 points, 2 rebounds, 11 assists
-Another double double
-Game winning 3 point with 0.5 seconds left

Weren’t doing too hot from the beginning but Knicks caught up in the 4th.

Watch this first:
[HD] Jeremy Lin Buzzer Beater vs Toronto Raptors 14-FEB-2012

The Jeremy Lin Show vs Toronto Raptors | 2.14.2012 | HD |


2/11/2012 NYK at MIN
20 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists
Lin wasn’t able to make his usual layups but Novak saved the game with 2 threes in the 4th.

The Jeremy Lin Show vs Ricky Rubio the Timberwolves | 2.11.2012 | HD | *Complete Highlight for


2/10/2012 NYK vs LAL
38 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists
* Highest score by a Knicks at MSG (?)
– “Lin-derella”
– “Yellow Mamba”
– Saw two Indian guys wearing Jeremy Lin masks at Madison Square Garden

Jeremy Lin career-high 38pts vs. Lakers || 2.10.12 || HD

Beautiful play by Kobe
Kobe shakes & bakes the Knicks in Italian

This was on the internet earlier today:
Kobe Bryant on Jeremy Lin: ‘What the [fudge] is going on?’

Personally I think it’s understandable that Kobe didn’t know about Lin and he wasn’t being disrespectful. Lin only came on to the scene this past week and Kobe was probably busy with his own games.

2/8/2012 NYK at WAS
The Jeremy Lin Show vs Washington Wizards | 2.8.2012 | HD |


Jeremy Lin becomes first asian guard to dunk in NBA (2/8/2012) vs WIZ

Jeremy Lin vs John Wall NBA Summer League Mavs vs Wizards Highlights

New York Times: From Ivy Halls to the Garden, Surprise Star Jolts the N.B.A.

2/6/2012 NYK vs UTA
The Jeremy Lin Show vs Utah Jazz | 2.6.2012 | HD |

2/4/2012 NYK vs NJN
The Jeremy Lin Show vs New Jersey Nets | 2.4.2012 | HD |

I remember a couple years back when Kenneth first showed me a video of Jeremy Lin playing for Harvard and didn’t think much of it back then. It wasn’t until he started playing for the Warriors that I started paying more attention.

This is just distasteful…

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New Sports Illustrated cover